About Us

Our Teacher

In 1996 Amanda Bird graduated from Macomb Community College with a
degree in Early Childhood Education. Over the course of her career, she has amassed 20 years of experience working with three and four year olds in both preschool and child care settings.
In the fall of 2014 Miss Amanda joined the Mayfair family as our lead teacher and director. She has been busily putting her education and experience to work teaching our Parent and Tot, 3’s, 4’s and extended day 4’s classes. Mayfair has come to appreciate her easy going manner and her passion for teaching. The kids and parents agree, she’s just so darn likeable!
When she’s not elbow deep in puffy paint or playdough, Miss Amanda enjoys spending time with her husband and grandson. She enjoys traveling, boating, golfing, home interior design, and shopping! She also participates in many city events and charity events through her husband’s sportmans club.

A Co-Op School: Working Together

Mayfair is a nonprofit, nondenominational cooperative organization administered by an elected board of parents who work closely with the certified teacher.  Parents and Teachers working together is the heart of a co-op preschool.    As part of our co-op, parents are involved members of the school actively participating in their child’s first steps into an educational environment.

Our Three’s and Four’s classes are full co-op members.  Parent and Tot families may elect to participate in the co-op, but are not required to do so.  To fulfill their co-op responsibilities, each parent in the Three’s and Four’s class provides an adult volunteer to serve as a classroom aide 1-2 times a month. In addition, each Three’s/Four’s family provides extracurricular support to the school.   Families may elect to provide support by either serving on the school board or by serving on a service committee.  Board parents attend monthly meetings and oversee the service committees.  Service committee parents volunteer a set number of hours providing support services such as making playdough, doing laundry, bleaching toys, or assisting with school fundraising, social or outreach events.   For more details on volunteering requirements contact the school and ask to speak with the membership chair.

Benefits of a co-op:

Coop preschools are a unique educational system which places high value on the input and involvement of its member parents.   Some of the benefits of attending our coop school include:

  • Exceptional adult to student ratios
  • Low tuition rates
  • Unique hands on involvement opportunities for parents
  • Community support
  • An onsite nursery for parent with older/younger siblings
  • Flexible potty training requirements
  • Age exemptions for fall birthdays


Mayfair is located in the United Methodist Church.  The church and school are not affiliated.

Early Years — Idealism, Community Spirit, and Hard Work

Mayfair Coop Preschool has been a Farmington area tradition for over 60 years.  The Mayfair Cooperative began in July 1955 when a group of eight mothers, concerned over the lack of playmates for their children, met to discuss a nursery school. From these humble beginnings Mayfair was born and grew. By 1959, Mayfair was  one of the largest preschools in the greater Detroit area.  In 1967, Mayfair moved to its current location in the Orchard United Methodist Church. In 2015 Mayfair celebrated its 60th year as a Co-op Preschool! The great sense of cooperative spirit and responsibility for our children’s education that began in 1955 continues to thrive at Mayfair.

Today, Mayfair enrolls up to 45 families each year.  Over the years, Mayfair has expanded its programs to include not only traditional half day preschool, but also an extended day option for 4 years olds, as well as Parent and Tot classes for the 2 year old set.  Please visit our Programs page to learn more.