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T/TH 9:30 A.M – 11:55PM : 3 Years Old by September 1st*


* Age exemptions may be available for children who turn 3 prior to December 1st upon teacher approval, only.


Children in the Three’s class  begin their day with teacher-led circle time that sets the tone and introduces the day’s theme. Free-choice play follows, which allows students to explore the fully stocked classroom. A second teacher-led group time introduces pre-reading and pre-math concepts and then gets kids moving with rhymes, songs, stories and creative dramatics. Class ends with a nutritious snack followed by outdoor play. In addition to introduction to early pre-reading, pre-math, pre-writing skills and concepts, this class acclimates children to the classroom setting, develops critical listening skills, encourages following directions, and teaches children that learning is fun!


Pre-Reading – The Mayfair classroom is a text rich environment where children are exposed to stories, rhymes, and books every day.     Students begin their foray into the world of reading by learning to recognize their first and last names in written form.  Throughout the year, letters and phonics are continually introduced through group activities and craft projects.  At Mayfair children are encouraged to develop not only a familiarity with the letters and their phonics, but also a lifelong love of literature!


Pre-Writing – Mayfair utilizes a wide variety of exciting crafts and activities to help children develop the fine motor skills necessary for writing.  Tweezer work, playdough, craft projects, sensory experiments, and other interesting activities help promote the muscle development in the hands, wrists, and arms necessary for controlling writing implements. Opportunities to use paints, pencils, markers and crayons abound.    Mayfair incorporates specialized writing utensils from the preschool version of the Handwriting Without Tears program used by the local elementary schools to encourage beginning writers to develop proper grip.  Children enjoy experiencing the thrill of creating their own masterpieces and in the process form a solid foundation for developing future writing skills.


Pre-Math –  Children in the Three’s class experience a wide variety of pre-math and math activities.  During teacher led activities such as number corner, the children practice cardinal counting, number recognition, and are introduced to math concepts like addition, subtraction, and pattern recognition through calendar activities, rhymes, stories, felt board and finger plays.  During free choice time, blocks, puzzles, number and pattern recognition games all help to reinforce the spatial and numerical familiarity necessary for higher math learning.


Large Motor Development – Mayfair supports development of large motor skills such as running, jumping, hopping, skipping, and climbing through indoor group motion activities as well as energetic outside activities on our playground.


Social & Emotional Development – In addition to academic preparation, children in this program thrive on the social and emotional interactions that play-based curriculum fosters.   Through play, children learn lifelong skills of cooperation, collaboration, and communication. They practice patience, forgiveness, and work to improve both listening and speaking skills.   The program fosters development of personal independence and the confidence that goes along with being able to claim “I did it!”


Coop Requirements – Three’s parents are full members of the preschool coop and fulfill volunteer requirements both in and out of the classroom.  Three’s parents are also responsible for contributing $150 towards the school’s fundraising efforts.  This fundraising contribution can be earned through participation in school fundraising events or paid for out of pocket.  For more details on coop volunteer requirements, please visit the “About Us” tab.



Does my child need to be potty trained?  Children should be in the process of potty training, but do not necessarily need to be fully trained.  If your child is not yet fully potty trained, contact the school and ask the membership chair about potty training policies.


Are age exemptions available for the Three’s class?  Mayfair’s recommended age cut off for the Three’s class is 3 by September 1st.  However, Mayfair follows Farmington School District’s policy of allowing parents to request an age exemption for children who turn 3 prior to December 1st.  If you are interested in learning more about our age exemption policy, please contact the membership chair by calling or emailing the school.


I have older/younger children.  Can they come with me to work in the classroom?  Older and younger siblings are welcome to stay with the parents for the 1st welcome circle time, but they are not allowed to stay for the full duration of the class.   However, Mayfair has an onsite nursery that you can use on your in class work days.  The nursery is typically free or very low cost.  If you may have nursery needs, contact the membership chair for more information on how the nursery works.


What is the time commitment for the Coop?  In addition to volunteering 1 to 2 times a month in the class, you will be responsible for either joining the school board or participating on one of the three service committees.  For more details on the service commitment, contact the membership chair.


Do you have before or after care available?  No, Mayfair does not offer before or after care services at this time.


Do you have payment plans available?  Yes.  You may pay as a lump sum, or for a small service fee you may elect to pay monthly or on a trimester basis.  For further information on payment options, please refer to the Application form.


Three’s Parent Testimonials:

“Enrolling our twin daughters into Mayfair has been one of the best decisions we have made for them. The teacher, Ms. Amanda, has a passion that shines from her inside out. She fosters a creative and dynamic environment that makes learning enjoyable. Mayfair, you have enriched the lives of our daughters beyond measure and we thank you.” – Anna & Quinn’s Mom


“My expectations for cooperative preschool have been met and exceeded. Mayfair provides a warm, play based learning environment and a real sense of community amongst the member families. With so much information coming out in favor of simply play based learning in early childhood, I am so happy we chose Mayfair for our child’s first school learning experience.” -Edison’s Mom


“I’m not sure who had the worst case separation anxiety… Me or my daughter!  Mayfair gently eased us both through the process.  I am so grateful for the patience and kindness of the teacher and the support of all the other parents.  I don’t think we could have managed anywhere else!” –Heidi’s Mom.