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Wednesdays 12 PM - 2:30 PM


*Age exemptions may be available for children who turn 4 prior to December 1st.


Mayfair offers an extended class one afternoon each week for children enrolled in the Four’s program.  Adding this class to the morning 4’s class provides a full day educational experience. The Extended Day class continues the focus on academic, emotional, and social growth experienced in the Fours class.  In addition to those skills, the class fosters the independence and social confidence children need to thrive in kindergarten.


The Extended Day class transitions children to a more structured learning environment and helps children acclimate to a longer school day. Children practice eating lunch as a group and taking responsibility for their personal belongings.  The Extended Day students engage in more group work by collaborating on larger multi-week projects in areas such as art history, cooking, geography, and science exploration. The students also receive additional instruction time in reading and writing.


Registration in the morning Fours class is required. The Extended Day class does not require in-class parent volunteers.



Does my child need to be potty trained?  Mayfair recommends children in this class be  potty trained.  If your child is not quite there yet, please contact the school and ask to speak to the membership chair regarding  further details on potty training expectations.


Are age exemptions availibe for the 4’s extended day class?  Mayfair’s recommended age cut off for the 4’s extended day class is 4 by September 1st.  However,  Mayfair follows Farmington School District’s policy of allowing parents to request an age exemption for children who turn 4 prior to December 1st.  If you are interested in learning more about our age exemption policy please contact the membership chair by calling or emailing the school.


Do you have payment plans available?  Yes, you may pay as a lump sum or for a small service fee you may elect to pay monthly or on a trimester basis.  For further information on payment options, please refer to the Application form.


Does Mayfair have a hot lunch program?  No, Children will bring their own packed cold lunches with them on their extended day class. 


Do you have before or after care available?  No, Mayfair does not offer before or after care services at this time.


When does Extended day start?  The extended day program begins in October.



Parent Testimonials

“The extended 4’s program acclimated my daughter to the longer days expected of them in kindergarten.  Thanks to Mayfair’s extended day program, we discovered my daughter wasn’t actually FULLY potty trained in time to help her master it before kindergarten started!  When the big day came, she took to Kindergarten like a fish to water.” – Tessa’s Mom


“Three cheers for extended day!  I loved that the kids got to practice eating lunch together once a week!  Knowing which containers she could open independently helped us ENORMOUSLY in kindergarten!” – Kathryn’s Mom


“Julian’s first day of kindergarten was AWESOME!! Thank you Mayfair for preparing our little man so well!”  -Julian’s Dad


“I really enjoyed seeing all the interesting projects the kids worked on!  The art module/art show were my favorite.  I’ll never forget the day my daughter came home telling me about Wassily Kandinski and why he was her favorite artist.” -Heidi’s Mom